In the world we live in and in our individual lives, one of the areas where we are most tiring and where we have the most blockages is feminine energy for us women. The perception of femininity that we encode in our relationship with our parents, especially with our mother, in our childhood, many traumatic experiences, root beliefs, things passed on from our ancestors, blockages, can block our femininity energetically. And that makes our life quite difficult. The feminine energy journey is one of the most important steps you will take to remove these blockages and to know yourself.


1st SESSION In this session, your natal chart is examined, which problems in your feminine energy originate from in terms of houses, locations, and signs of your Moon and Venus are determined.

2nd SESSION  Blockages related to the mother In this session, the study of cosmoenergy is started for the first time. Before starting, the feelings and situations you brought from your mother, such as being a woman, being loved, being valued, are discussed, blockages are determined, and energy work is applied to all chakras. After this session, you are given access to special videos and meditations that I have prepared on Youtube. Bach Flower Remedies is sent.

3rd SESSION Blockages related to the father; the relationship with the father is examined, masculine energy blockages are determined, energy work is carried out on the acceptance of femininity and taking it from masculine energy.

4th SESSION A must for feminine energy, abundance and fertility work. It is the session where the blockages that restrict your abundance and abundance are transformed and homework is given on this subject. Access to yoga videos is allowed.

5th SESSION Sexuality; Your perception of sexuality is determined. Your wrong coding about sexuality is detected. It works with cosmoenergy. Homework about sexuality is done. Core Value videos are made available.

6th SESSION Love Your blockages related to love and love are determined. If you have in your family clan, stories about this situation are taken and then your blockages related to the relevant topic in your chakras are transformed with cosmoenergy.

7th SESSION Breaking the toxic bond with the mother In order for the feminine energy to move freely, a border agreement with the mother and breaking the toxic bond are practiced.

8th SESSION A study is carried out on the female organs and body perception. Negative coding about your body is transformed.

9th SESSION With EMDR application working on emotions.

10th SESSION With EMDR application working on emotions

Price: 680 Usd

All Sessions last 45 minutes.

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